Top 5 Rides at Worlds of Fun

If you’re looking for a great family day out, look no further than Worlds of Fun Kansas City. This 235-acre entertainment complex is home to the Midwest’s largest water park and amusement park. Founded by Jack Steadman and Lamar Hunt, Worlds of Fun was first opened in 1973 under the ownership of Mid-America Enterprises. Now a beloved destination for Kansas City locals and visitors alike, Worlds of Fun offers everything from a thrilling roller coaster to a rafting adventure for thrill-seekers and thrill seekers.

Riptide Raceway

When it comes to water parks, nothing compares to a riptide. Located in Kansas City, the Riptide Raceway is a water ride that follows the natural terrain of the park. The new attraction will replace the iconic Diamond Head, which opened in 1982. Worlds of Fun has high standards for safety. This new attraction is set to open for the 2020 season on Memorial Day Weekend.

The new ride will be the longest mat racing water slide in the Midwest. The four-lane ride will take guests five stories up, through four tunnels, and down a 360-degree loop. Each tunnel is a unique experience, and riders will notice the racing lights along the way. The ride ends with a splashdown. Other attractions at the water park include the new roller coaster and a number of returning favorites. Learn More about Kansas City here.

Fury of the Nile

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the Fury of the Nile is one of the oldest rides at Worlds of Fun. The ride opened in 1978 and was designed to mimic the safari in Africa, with fake animals and a safari station. Sadly, the attraction is no longer operating. However, the park has many family friendly rides for all ages. Some of these rides, like the Viking Voyager and Fury of the Nile, have been replicated for younger audiences.

The fury of the Nile is an adventure for families that will take them on a high-speed raft ride. Intamin, a Swiss manufacturer, designed this ride, and it has become one of Kansas City’s best-known rides. The Fury of the Nile takes riders 1,800 feet down the Nile, with a roaring waterfall at the end. Those who are tall enough can experience it, but it is not for the faint of heart. Check this out.

Inverted Coaster

The Patriot is an inverted roller coaster at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. It was originally known as the Patriot, but Worlds of Fun changed the name temporarily to The Patrick to honor Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Currently, the Patriot boasts a height of 149 feet and a track length of 3,081 feet. Worlds of Fun Kansas City also offers rides for children and families, including the Planet Snoopy area.

Another new thrill ride at Worlds of Fun is the Falcon’s Flight, which features 28 two-seater gondolas. The base of the Falcon’s Flight rises 100 feet above the ground, providing a unique perspective of the Kansas City skyline. Another ride at Worlds of Fun is the SteelHawk, a two-seat Windseeker that spins guests at a 45 degree angle during their 60-second flight at a speed of 30 miles per hour.

Patriot roller coaster

The Patriot roller coaster is an inverted roller coaster located at the Worlds of Fun theme park in Kansas City, Missouri. The Patriot roller coaster was manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard and opened on April 8, 2006. It has a height of 149 feet and a track length of 3,081 feet. While the Patriot roller coaster is not one of the most exciting rides at Worlds of Fun, it does offer thrill seekers an enjoyable and challenging ride.

This inverted roller coaster opened in 2006 and was designed by renowned engineer Doug Foshee. It is 150 feet tall and boasts a 3,081-foot track. Its track length allows riders to experience four inversions within its two-minute, 18-second ride cycle. Foshee’s initial idea was to rename the ride “Patriot” after the fallen Orient Express. The sign shop changed the name quickly. Check this out.

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