The Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo is a great place for family fun. This 202-acre zoo is open year-round and offers many activities and exhibits to explore.

The zoo has over 1300 animals and is ranked among the top 60 Zoos in the United States. They are home to a variety of species including chimpanzees, lions, and elephants. Learn more by clicking here.

Open Year-Round

The Zoo’s 202-acre expanse showcases animals from around the world. Featured as one of the top 60 Zoos in the United States with the best African, Kangaroo, and Chimp exhibits, it’s always a fun adventure for the whole family!

The Kansas City Zoo is open year-round and offers special attractions and activities during the winter. For example, the Polar Bear Passage and the snakes building are available during cold weather.

Also, during the winter, the zoo offers Great Keeper Chats and Shows. These are free with admission and provide information about the zoo and the animals.

More than 1300 Animals

The 202-acre Kansas City Zoo is a top zoo in the country. Voted one of America’s best zoos in 2008, the zoo is located in Swope Park and houses more than 1,300 animals.

Guests can enjoy a day of fun, learning, and wildlife encounters at the Kansas City Zoo. The zoo is open year-round and offers free parking.

Visitors will find the Kansas City Zoo is home to more than 1300 animals, including giraffes, gorillas, and cheetahs. There are also a variety of other animals to see, such as otters and kangaroos.

In the African section of the zoo, guests can see hippos, elephants, and zebras. The zoo recommends visitors start their visit by visiting the African display first. Then, they can explore other areas of the zoo, such as Australia or Tiger Trail. Visit another area in town here.

Interactive Exhibits

The Kansas City Zoo has a variety of interactive exhibits for visitors to enjoy. These attractions are perfect for families looking for something new to do while in the area.

The zoo is home to many animals from around the world. It is also home to several educational programs that will help visitors learn more about these animals.

Some of the most popular attractions at the zoo include Lemur Island and the Tiger Exhibit. Both of these exhibits feature ring-tailed lemurs and tigers and allow visitors to get up close to these fascinating animals.

Another exciting attraction at the zoo is Sea Lion Splash, which features amazing sea lion performances and interactive activities. The zoo also offers a number of educational programs that teach about dolphins and their behavior, anatomy, and diet.

Family Fun

When you visit the Kansas City Zoo, you can expect a fun and exciting time. The zoo offers more than 1,000 animals, so you’ll be sure to see something new every time you go.

Located in historic Swope Park, the zoo is spread over more than 200 acres. Special exhibits like the Discovery Barn, Penguin Plaza, Orangutan Canopy, and more exist.

The zoo is also home to the first Inclusive Play Area in an American zoo. This playground has two zip lines, an elephant swing, and surfacing that is designed for kids who are in wheelchairs or with other disabilities.

The zoo has special events throughout the year for families to enjoy. Some of the popular fall-time activities include Boo at the Zoo, pumpkin toss, and Hoots & Howls for Halloween activities. Next blog post.


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