100 Years of Collecting at the National WWI Museum and Memorial

The National World War I Museum and Memorial opened in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1926. In 2004, it was designated an official war memorial by the United States Congress. Its mission is to honor the men and women of the Great War and inspire thought about the conflict. In its first 100 years, the museum has collected and displayed a staggering number of artifacts, documents, and photographs. Today, the museum continues to honor and educate people from all walks of life. A fantastic read.

100 years of collecting

The National WWI Museum and Memorial has been collecting for over a century. This centennial exhibition, “100 Years of Collecting,” features many interesting and unusual objects that had never before been displayed in the museum. The exhibition’s name reflects the fact that the Museum and Memorial relies on donations and admissions to keep the doors open. Despite the difficulties, however, the Museum and Memorial has managed to retain 42 full-time employees, and assigned them projects that they can complete at home. The Museum is now anticipating a June reopening, and the staff is working diligently to re-establish the museum’s reputation as one of the best in the country.

100 years of teaching

It has been one hundred years since the National WWI Museum and Memorial opened its doors and has been dedicated to the memory of the war. In 2014, the museum was designated a national memorial. The museum is the only American museum dedicated to World War I. Educators can access free downloadable educational resources at howwwichangedamerica.org. Resources are organized by subject area and can be viewed from the comfort of a classroom.

100 years of tolling a bell

On November 11, the National WWI Museum and Memorial will ring the final bell at a centennial ceremony to commemorate 100 years of the war. Since opening in April 2017, the museum has played an important role in the national conversation. Millions of students have accessed the museum’s online resources. Its traveling photography exhibition has also been a great success. Guests of the National WWI Museum and Memorial are invited to attend the event for free. A great post.

100 years of inspiring thought

Celebrate 100 years of the First World War by visiting the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City. A feature exhibition, World War I: Beyond the Front Lines, opened in April and is on view until Dec. 30, 2017. The museum was recently selected as a recipient of the 2018 Award of Merit by the American Association for State and Local History. To create this exhibit, the museum’s staff researched the war’s history and visited the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City. In creating this exhibit, the staff took time to visit the Memorial and Museum in Kansas City, which inspired the theme of the exhibit. The exhibit includes Knights of Columbus related materials.

100 years of educating the public

The National WWI Museum and Memorial has been dedicated to educating the public about this tragic conflict for one hundred years. Objects donated by almost all participants are featured in its galleries. Visitors will also be able to view photographs from a Chinese-American supply drive in San Francisco. Another special exhibit focused on the contributions of American Jews. In addition to these exhibits, the museum also hosts a monthly knitting circle. Up next is Kansas City Zoo.

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