High Rise Window Washing Services
High Rise Window Washing

High Rise Window Washing Services

High Rise Window Washing Services

High rise window washing can be a dangerous and time-consuming job, but it’s a necessary one. Clean windows allow natural light to flow through buildings, enhancing their appearance and reducing the need for artificial lighting. Thankfully, there are a few ways to perform the task safely and efficiently. Here are some of the main methods:.

Platforms and Bosun’s Chairs

Clean windows allow natural light to flood into office buildings and retail spaces, enhancing the interior aesthetics. It’s no wonder that employees rate ‘access to natural light and views of the outdoors’ as their top desire for a work environment.

High Rise Window Washing
High Rise Window Washing

Window washers work at heights that are beyond the reach of ladders, and they must follow strict safety standards to avoid falling or injuring themselves. A davit high rise window cleaning platform allows workers to move about a building’s facade safely and efficiently.

A bosun’s chair is a suspended seat used for jobs at elevated heights, including window washing and situations that require lowering into a space like a manhole. These systems are a safer alternative to traditional platform scaffolding, and can be anchored to the ground or rigged from a vehicle on the roof.

Water-Fed Poles

Water-fed poles allow workers to scrub windows and rinse them clean using pure water. They’re a great alternative to ladders and scaffolding and offer many benefits, such as speed and safety.

They work by connecting a hose to the system and then attaching a brush or rinsing bar at the end of the pole. The brush scrubs away dirt on the window while the nozzle sprays pure water to rinse it clean.


High rise window washing requires a lot of safety equipment. Professional window cleaners will have harnesses and ladders to ensure their own safety as well as the security of those who work in and around the building. They also have extensive training to ensure they can provide other secondary services like building envelope inspection, touch-up painting and minor facade repair, and leak testing.

High Rise Window Washing
High Rise Window Washing

Because of the risks associated with skyscraper cleaning, a professional window washer should have extensive experience in the industry. They should have a comprehensive and up-to-date written safety plan, and use a certified service provider that takes a safety focused approach to their job. They should also be able to demonstrate a track record of working safely at elevated heights and in challenging weather conditions.

Ropes and Anchors

The operatives tie their safety lines to permanent anchor points that are secured to the roof and parapet wall. These anchor points are carefully designed by a structural engineer to be capable of withstanding high moment forces.

Window cleaners are often able to work more quickly with this technique because they don’t have to wait for a cherry picker or cradle to come around. The operatives also typically carry less equipment than window cleaners using other appliances, as these items can add to the overall weight of the worker.

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