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10 Mistakes to Avoid for Best Window Cleaning

Best window cleaning can be a breeze if you avoid making these common mistakes. By taking your time and being mindful of the products you’re using, the surfaces you’re cleaning and the tools you’re using, you’ll be able to clean your windows like a pro in no time!

1) Not cleaning your windows in the right order

Windows are typically cleaned from the top down, but sometimes it’s easier to start from the bottom and work your way up. Experiment a little to see what works best for you – just be sure to clean all sides of each window pane.

2) Using the wrong tools

Window cleaners can be purchased at any hardware store, or you can make your own concoction at home. Whatever you decide, make sure your tools are specifically designed for windows – using something else could lead to streaks or missed areas.

3) Using too much pressure

Window cleaner should be applied sparingly and with a gentle hand. applying too much pressure will only create bubbles and streaks.

4) Not cleaning your tools

If you’re not going to be using your window cleaner right away, make sure to clean your tools properly. If left dirty, they could end up smearing the window panes instead of cleaning them.

Professional Best Window Cleaning
Professional Best Window Cleaning

5) Not drying your windows

Once you’ve finished cleaning your windows, be sure to dry them off completely. A microfiber cloth is ideal for this, but a regular towel will do in a pinch. Leaving moisture on the windows will create streaks and spots.

6) Cleaning windows in direct sunlight

Window cleaners can contain harsh chemicals, so it’s best to avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight. The heat and UV rays can cause the chemicals to react and create streaks or spots on the glass.

7) Not cleaning the window frames

Window frames should be cleaned at least once a week, as they can attract dirt and dust very easily. Use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to clean them properly.

8) Cleaning windows when they’re icy

It’s best not to clean windows when they’re icy, as you could end up slipping and injuring yourself. Wait until the ice has melted before attempting to clean them.

9) Leaving streaks

Even if you follow all of these tips, it’s possible to leave streaks on your windows if you’re not careful. Be sure to dry them off completely and check for any missed areas before calling it quits.

10) Trying to do it all by yourself

It’s always a good idea to have a buddy help you out when cleaning windows. Two pairs of hands make the job go a lot faster, and it’s less likely that you’ll miss any spots.

Also, best window cleaning can be a lot of work, especially if your windows are large and/or dirty. If you’re not up for the challenge, consider hiring a professional window washer to do the job for you.

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