Attractions at Kauffman Stadium

“K-Stadium” or “The K” as it’s also known, is a major league baseball stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. It is the home of the Kansas City Royals. Its iconic Matrix scoreboard, and Buck O’Niel Legacy Seat Program make it worth a visit. But what are the other attractions at Kauffman Stadium? Here are a few. Read on to learn more!

The Buck O’Niel Legacy Seat Program

The Kansas City Royals are honoring a special community member in their 2019 season by creating The Buck O’Niel Legacy Chair Seat Program. This program recognizes those who have made a difference in their communities through their work and compassion. To apply, fill out an entry form and write a 100-word essay on the nominee. The essay should describe the nominee’s impact on others. A fantastic read.

The Kansas City Royals began the Buck O’Niel Legacy Seat program in 2007 in honor of a local community leader. It is an ongoing tradition at Kauffman Stadium that honors community servants and their contributions to the city. Since the program began, the Royals have given out more than 700 of these special seats to local dignitaries. To celebrate this special honor, Kansas City Royals fans can sign up for the free Ballpark Digest newsletter and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

The Royals Hall of Fame Museum

The Royals Hall of Fame Museum at Kaufman Stadium has become a staple in Kansas City’s baseball scene. Designed with fans in mind, the 7,000-square-foot museum includes a clubhouse lobby that features a wooden wall adorned with headlines from newspapers in the Kansas City area. Exhibits feature the evolution of baseball equipment, and the museum also includes a giant #5 honoring Hall of Famer George Brett.

The main exhibit area features the history of baseball in Kansas City. In addition to learning about the club’s history, the museum features interactive features. One of the most popular features is a radio booth replica that stretches out on one side of the building. Visitors can record play-by-play of notable moments in Royals history from the radio booth. There are a number of other interactive exhibits and displays throughout the museum, and the Royals Hall of Fame is sure to entertain all ages. Learn more.

The Water Works

The centerpiece of the Kauffman Stadium concourse is The Water Works, a 322-foot fountain that uses 1.5 million gallons of water to create the eerie atmosphere. The fountain is the largest privately-funded fountain in the world and features waterfalls that change colors frequently. It also doubles as an off-limits swimming pool for Royals fans. There is no other baseball stadium with a fountain like it in the world!

The Water Works at Kauffman Stadium is the most spectacular fountain show in any baseball stadium. Fountains shoot water hundreds of feet into the air. The centerpiece of the fountain is a 10-foot waterfall, which is unmatched across the league. Fans can also take a look at the Royals Hall of Fame, which is part of the free Outfield Experience. During the game, groups of 40 fans can go inside to see the Hall of Fame, which is located in the Royals’ clubhouse.

The Matrix scoreboard

The Matrix scoreboard at Kauffmann Stadium has undergone an upgrade since it was installed in 1993. The previous display was an outdated and aging version of the Daktronics system. The new system uses HD-X LED technology and measures 100 square feet by 85 feet. It is the largest HD LED board in the world. Only two other stadiums have a larger board than Kauffman Stadium. The upgrade was an $8.3 million project and included a video scoreboard control room and seventeen operating staff members.

The new video scoreboard is made of 55 separate segments, including an active bottom taper resembling the Royals logo. The system cost $8.3 million and employs 17 people on game days. The video scoreboard features strobe lights on the crown after every home run. The scoreboard’s video display has the highest resolution in the entire Major League Baseball league. The scoreboard is one of the most prominent visuals at Kauffman Stadium. Continue reading about Kansas City.

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